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Welcome to Affiliate Income Magic. The time you spend reviewing the information within this site could prove to be extremely valuable and very rewarding.

Hi, I’m Dallas McCalister, E-Book author, retired small business owner, “serial entrepreneur” and … a real fan of working at home with my laptop and earning a good income as an online business owner.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in the sales and marketing industry as a salesman, copywriter, home business owner and as President and CEO of our own corporation.

I started my sales career right out of school and after years of hard work and long hours, my wife and I started our own direct mail marketing business out of our townhouse in Jacksonville, Florida.

We both worked during the day as sales reps for a local water treatment company and spent almost all of our spare time building our business. We spent lots of hours at night, working from our dining room table.

Our small home business soon began providing us with enough income to allow us to quit our day jobs and become full-time small business owners. I’m not saying this was easy, but it was well worth it for us. I know that virtually anyone who sincerely wants to change their lives and financial destiny can do so.

After several years of hard work, the company that we started on our dining room table became one of the top 50 fastest growing privately held corporations in the Southeastern United States. Our company was number 18 on that list. It took some work and truth be known, a little luck too.

This accomplishment did not come easy or without many hardships and great difficulties. Being the President and CEO of any traditional company is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

The money can be good, but for the most part, you really don’t have much of a “life”. You and your family can suffer dearly, especially at first. We spent ten years developing our corporation. There were some lean years and some very good years as a result of all the hours we put into it.

After more than a decade of the corporate “grind”, we sold our company for pennies on the dollar and moved back into the private sector.

Boy, what a difference that was. No more employees, huge legal and accounting fees, no more office and warehouse expenses and all that goes with running a traditional corporation …

Not to mention all those hours away from home. I felt free again.  Now it was time to move in a new direction.

You’ll learn more about us and how we became online business owners in another section of this website, but first … I want you to know why I decided to create this site and how it could help you live a life that offers:

– Unprecedented time freedom (Work at your own pace)
– Amazing income possibilities 
(An unlimited amount of income streams are available to you online)
– The ability to live and work from anywhere you choose (A computer and an Internet connection is all you need)

Most people think they have to work more hours in order to make more money.

Many people are just trading time for money.

With the use of technology, the right software, the Internet and the new digital economy, it is possible for virtually anyone to earn an extraordinary income with a computer, a Website and a desire to market good products and services to a global audience.

If you receive good guidance, proper training, and support, you have an excellent chance of becoming as successful as many others who took the steps to learn HOW to build an online business.

Warren Buffet said; “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Education is essential, especially you if you are like me, NEW to the computer and to building and maintaining a Blog or Website.

You’re training/education must also be affordable.

I began searching for that “perfect” program or “mentor” who could teach me how to make money online. You must have mentors or else you could get stuck. Most people are not equipped with the skills, know-how, and abilities they need to become successful online business owners.

You want to look for mentors/teachers that are willing to guide you along the way and are up to looking out for your long-term success.

During my search, I discovered some shocking information about this business that almost ended my dreams of making money online forever.

“I’m too embarrassed to tell you how much time and money I wasted with all the online guru programs and self-proclaimed Internet marketing experts.”.

All I did was waste time and lost money.

However, the one good thing I can tell you about me is, I don’t give up that easy and I don’t quit!

I thought, look: “All I need is a step-by-step training program with a good support system that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and I will make it, no matter how long it takes I will get where I want to go!”.

As it turned out, this wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be…

I kept running into people who offered bits and pieces of what I needed to know to become successful online.

One would be selling a course on how to get traffic to your site through email marketing …

Another would be selling a webinar on how to become a mega-rich blogger in 90 days through affiliate marketing …

Then one would be offering a free E-Book that would show you how to set up your own website …

What I needed was all of that and more in one place, under one roof, without all the hype and hustle so common to this industry. I was beginning to think I would need a college degree in computer science or programming but at my age – – –

… That just wasn’t practical.

We’re living in the most extraordinary times in human history, thanks to the computer and the Internet.

With 3.7 billion people online (growing daily) entrepreneurs around the world have the ability to create more wealth for themselves than we did during the entire 20th century.


I decided to watch one more series of webinars that promised to help me reach my goal of becoming a wealthy online business owner.

“Gotta tell ya, these guys were good, really good…”.

I saw some of the most beautiful homes and exotic sports cars – even an island where the “expert” trainer lived and ran his business from.

It was impressive, to say the least.

This time though, I decided to do some serious due diligence.

I wanted to know more about these guys and their program.

One of my searches led me to a site, much like this one, that focused on providing a lot of information about the program I was thinking about getting enrolled in.

That search saved me a ton of money and a lot of time I would have wasted.

Had I enrolled in that “other” program, I would have been hustled big time!


The researcher filled me in on the “bad news” about how these “hustlers” operation, saving me valuable time and money.

He gave me some good news too…

He told me about a ten-year-old online training program that he discovered. It could show me how to do all the things I needed to do to make money online WITHOUT wasting my time or spending money I did not need to spend.

It almost sounded too good to be true!

His advice helped me save a fortune and gave me back my dream of working at home, part-time – – without all the hassles of the typical rat-race most people are familiar with.

It was refreshing to find real experts with a genuine desire to help others succeed.



I found out the program I was about to enroll in (the one above, with all the fancy cars and exotic homes) would keep costing me more and more money as I continued going through the training “modules” they were offering.

> Just another “hustle” I did not need.

To learn what I needed to know and get where I wanted to go in this business, that “other” program would have ended up costing me well over ten thousand dollars!

All this would be OK – if you have a lot of money to burn!


I found exactly what I was looking for and it wasn’t going to cost me the farm. In fact – while I was learning how to build my own Website and how to create a great online business, I could also earn an excellent “affiliate income”.

Here are just a few things I discovered:

  • I could get started at no cost.
  • I could stay at the FREE starting position for as long as I wanted or needed to.
  • I could build two Websites for FREE and get started earning money online!

When you review what we refer to as Our #1 Choice – I think you’ll agree that it could also be the best choice for you!

Our goal at Affiliate Income Magic is to help YOU learn how to make some great money online and how to avoid the online “Hustlers” that could rob you of your valuable time and money.

They’ll do or say just about anything to get your attention, so we’ll be here to help you sort through all the shiny objects, slick offers, impressive videos, free webinars and compelling personal lifestyle stories they used to get into your pocket or purse.

And – – we will continue to review and update you on what will actually help you succeed within your online business.

You can get started at NO COST so there’s no reason why you can’t get started TODAY building your own online business.

You are just a click away from learning how to make money online that you get to spend any way you wish.

We’re glad you’re here.

There’s a lot to learn and a lot of fun to be had ... so let’s get started.

For your better future!

Dallas McCalister




8 Comments on “Welcome to Our Site”

  1. I like your website, your all about me was very interesting. I like how you had a small snippit on your front page with your picture. You simplified affiliate marketing and gave some great reasons why it works.

  2. Thanks for your excellent post, Dallas. It was informative and inspiring at the same time. Your story made me realize that it’s possible to earn a good, maybe even a great income online with a computer. I like it that you’re willing to work hard and never quit. My question for you is, How long do you think it will take for another hard working non-quitter to build a successful business online? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Grant – yes, there are many bloggers that are making great incomes, but it did not come right away for them. If you stay with it and are determined to reach your goals, it will happen.


  3. I love the way this post flowed and kept me engaged ! Wealthy Affiliate is the most supercharged tool box of training and community I’ve found n the internet! And I can say that because it’s how I built my online business and now own 2 websites that are making revenue for me !
    If your readers take the time and initiative to check out Wealthy Affiliate they will come back thanking you !


  4. I think this is an extremely well put together web site.
    It keeps a person quite interested in what they need
    to know in regard to making an informed decision
    to joining or not.
    WELL DONE !!

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