Time to Get Off Your Butt

No More Excuses!

I’ll get going tomorrow for sure. Hey, no more excuses –

Now is the time to go after your dream!

Tomorrow may never come. Most people stay with a dead-end job because they think they can’t possibly find a way out.


No time, no money is the number one excuse we hear.

Hey, I get it. I did the same thing for a long time. Becoming a successful online business owner, blogger, website builder or eBook author was just a dream I carried around inside me for several years.

Then one day I saw an article entitled, Now is the Time to Launch Your New Online Career, Why Wait?

No more excuses were the theme of that article. It hit me right between the eyes. The author pulled no punches and spoke directly to me about procrastination.

I wanted to do it, I had the desire and the dream, but for some unknown reason, I was not moving forward with my dream.

If this sounds familiar, read on …

It’s Time to Get Going, Time to Get off Your Butt and … Your But’s!

  • But I don’t have the money
  • But I don’t know how
  • But I don’t want my friends to laugh at me
  • But I really don’t think I can do it

Time will get by you my friend and before you know it, your next excuse will be: “But I’m too old!”

In this post I’ll show you “How You Can Make it Happen Now” – I’ll even give you a little kick in the pants to help you get moving in the right direction.

So, if you think it’s too late for you or you can’t make the changes necessary to get the life you’ve dreamed of, then stop right here because this message might make you mad.

Personally, I don’t care because I needed to get mad, mad at myself for:

  • Being afraid to take the first step
  • Believing I was unable to learn the skills I needed
  • Thinking I didn’t have the time to do what it takes to succeed
  • Afraid of what other’s would think, especially my family and friends
  • Afraid to fail (this was a biggy)

I’m glad I saw that article and finally got off my butt – and my but’s – now I know I can succeed and I know you can too because if I can do this, virtually anyone can.

I took a shot at it. As a result, you are reading this post because I got off my Butt and decided to go for my dream. Now I want to see how many people I can help make their dreams come true.

Are you ready to take charge of your better future?

OK then, Let’s get going.


Woody’s Story

If you have been following me and have had a chance to read my About Dallas post – you would know that I spent over twenty years of my earlier career as a professional drummer in the Detroit area.

It took me a long time to reach the professional status in the music industry.

I knew it could take time to sharpen my skills as an online entrepreneur as well, but when you think about it, just about everything we do in life takes time.

Many musicians will tell you that it took them a lot of hours of practice and commitment to get where they could actually perform in front of an audience.

I studied and practiced 3-4 hours a day for several years, in order to become an accomplished percussionist. I also had an excellent teacher and mentor, which I consider a MUST in any profession you pursue in life.

Woody’s story is about a man I had the honor of playing music with for over four years. The reason I want to share this story with you is that Woody had a tremendous impact on my life.

He was a “doer”, a serious go-getter who was so sure of his ability to succeed at anything he wanted to do, he made you feel like superman just being around him. Watching him on a daily basis was an experience I will never forget and will cherish forever.

Sure – he had his faults. He was not perfect by any means. None of us are. I also new that my time with Woody would be short-lived because he was always moving on to new ventures that involved just him.

Woody played the Organ… a B3 Hammond Organ with two Leslie Speakers to be exact. Prior to this career, he was an engineer for a major company in Ohio. For anyone to go from an engineer to an amazing comedian/musician, entertainer virtually overnight, was an almost impossible feat – but not for Woody.

One day he decided he was going to play the Organ and become an entertainer. What led him to the Hammond Organ and comedy is still a mystery to me. Once he made up his mind that he was going to do this, he transformed himself into one of the highest paid, successful club acts in the country.


If you’re not familiar with what a Hammond B3 Organ sounds like, you can head on over to this YouTube video and listen to one being played and demonstrated by one of today’s great Hammond Organ players.

This instrument really fills a room with an amazing sound.

No other Organ can match the sound of a B3 Hammond with Leslie Speakers in my opinion. The Hammond with a Leslie speaker – or speakers is very popular with every type of music including rock, jazz, country, classical and Gospel music.

TIP: For the best experience, put on a set of headphones while you listen to this video demonstration.

Woody was a tremendous musician and entertainer… A very funny comedian, singer, and song stylist. The crowds loved him everywhere he played.

Woody Martens was his stage name. I never did know his real name, and it didn’t matter because to me and the many thousands of fans and friends he had, he was simply known as “Woody”.

I was a young drummer in my early twenties – full of dreams and a desire to go places in the music world.

I had just become a member of the musician’s union – thinking this could help me get more playing engagements throughout the Detroit area and perhaps a shot at working with some successful artists coming out of our area.

Then one day it happened. I received a call from the local musicians union office.

I’ll never forget that day because it was my first call from them. This proved to me that I had made a wise decision in joining this special, time honored fraternity.

Pete was his name. He was in charge of our local union office for the metro Detroit area. He and I would become great friends over the years that I worked in that market.

Pete told me on this first call I received that he had heard some good things about my playing. He also said that he had heard me play a few times in a couple of the clubs around the city.

Pete said it was his practice to hear and get to know as many of the union musicians in his area in order to help them get more gigs.

Pete was also a good politician!

This call turned out to be a very profitable one for me. Pete said that there was a man who was working six nights a week in one of the popular clubs that was close to where I lived. I was living in the Pontiac area just north of Detroit at that time.

This particular business had a stage with a big dance floor in front of it, a five-star restaurant with a Bowling Alley attached to it, so every night that there was a good crowd for this entertainer by the name of Woody Martens.

The Bowling Tournaments were a huge draw back then so that place was packed almost every night with people who enjoyed Bowing, loved to eat and party with Woody.

The club had booked Woody for the Bowling Tournament season for several years because he was able to keep a crowd entertained throughout the evening after they finished Bowling.

Woody worked hard for the crowd six nights a week during his engagement there.


Woody Rescues Me

Pete told me that Woody Martens was a comedian and a excellent B3 Hammond Organ player who was from Ohio.

He told me Woody also traveled around the country, mostly as a “solo act” in other locations, but he enjoyed working with a drummer who could fit in with his variety show routine.

Woody would hire local drummers to help fill out his dance music and comedy routines during his club dates. I was fortunate to have filled the bill for what he was looking for in a sideman.

Woody had an agent that was able to get him some top bookings in major cities within the Midwest and throughout Florida, where Woody had a winter home.

I was fortunate to have a chance to travel and work with Woody for a handful of years and can honestly say that it was one of the truly great experiences of my life. Woody helped me gain more confidence in myself and showed me how to go after my dream, not matter how big it may be.

My first experience playing with Woody was actually at a Bowling Alley. Not just any Bowling Alley though …

This particular Bowling Alley / Night Club in Michigan became a regular stop for Woody each year.

His following was that there very large and extremely loyal. They looked forward to his return each year with great anticipation.

As a young drummer, I heard a lot about Woody. I had an opportunity to hear him play on one of my nights off before Pete called me.

Woody had an excellent drummer who could sing and play better than anyone I had ever heard. His name was Floyd Ranna. I will never forget Floyd and miss him dearly.

Pete told me that I was to fill in for Woody’s current drummer who was hospitalized for some major surgery. He said he would be unable to play for some time and may not get to work again so Woody was looking for someone who could replace him if necessary.

Woody was very particular about his drummers. They needed to be able to play all sorts of dance, pop, classical and current hit tunes.

They also had to keep up with Woody’s comedy routines and in some cases be prepared to play non-stop sets that could last 3-4 hours long during an evening performance. Woody worked very hard to please his audience.

These long sets occurred more times than not. Woody was special and loved to make people laugh and enjoy themselves.

He seemed to have an endless supply of energy. Pete told me that if I wanted to keep working with Woody (who paid his drummers very well) I should never, ever tell him that I could not do something.

He said Woody will fire you just for saying you don’t “think” you can do something. He firmly believed that a person could do anything they set their mind to.


The First Night Was Very Eventful …

The parking lot was jam packed with cars so I had to drive around the lot several times looking for a place to put my custom 1957 Chevy. This was the first classic car I ever owned so it was very important to me, a Detroit boy who had a passion for hot-rods like this.

I found what I thought would be a great place to park my car. It was near the back of the lot, in a corner where I could back it in so other’s would not be able to open a door into the sides of my special machine.

I decided to back into the spot which turned out to be a bad idea. As I slowly backed up, the rear end of the car suddenly began to slide down into a ditch that ran along the back of the parking lot.

We had been getting a lot of rain so the ditch was muddy and very slippery.

I tried to stop from sliding all the way down into the ditch. I ended up with the front-end of the car pointing almost straight up. It did not go down the hill, so I was able to get out of the driver’s side door and go for help.

There was no way I could have left it like that for fear of it sliding all the way down the hill into the ditch below. I needed help to get it back onto the paved parking lot, so I went inside to see if anyone could help me out.

There were two men standing near the entrance to the lounge where Woody was playing. One of those men was Woody Martens himself.

He asked me what happened and before I had finished telling him he looked at the other man (the owner of the business) and said I’ll be back in a flash, I’m going help this young man get his car out of the ditch.

Woody didn’t ask me who I was, nor did he care. If he could help someone, he was in his element.

Over the years I worked with him, he was always helping someone in need. He never wanted anything in return for any of his good deeds, which made him even more special to a lot of people.

Woody was a tremendous human being with an uncanny ability to make things happen for himself and anyone that came in close contact with him. This is one of the reasons why I like telling this story.

Woody was an inspiration to me and many others. More on this in a minute.


Back to How Woody Rescued Me.

The first thing he did was look over the situation, asked me to write down the license number of three vehicles that were parked in a line that was in front of where he planned to back his vehicle into, hook up to mine – and pull me out.

He asked me to go inside and speak to the owner of the club about getting on the P.A. system and asking the three car owners to temporarily move their vehicles out-of-the-way so we could get a car out of the ditch on the side of the parking lot.

In the meantime, Woody had his car sitting near the front of mine when I returned.

“Unbelievable” – I said with both hands in the air. “Everyone in that there wants to help you Mr. ???”

He looked at me and said; I’m Woody Martens – what’s your name?”

When I told him who I was, he just said with a great big grin on his face …

“I hope you play the drums better than you can park a car!”

We both laughed and shook hands as the other car owners moved out-of-the-way.

I said to Woody; “Are you sure this fancy Corvette of yours can do this?”

He told me what he had done to the engine in his late model, show car Corvette convertible. It was very fast and very powerful plus he had huge tires on the back and it was set up to tow his special speed boat.

He had very little trouble pulling me and my Chevy out of the ditch.

This was how we met and how Woody rescued me, in more ways than one.



Now let me tell you about Woody’s Mood…

I regret not having more pictures of Woody Martens and the shows we did around the country. It never occurred to me at the time, that one day I would write about this man and these events.

This photo was taken with a Polaroid Camera (Remember those?) in a club we worked at in Florida. Someone took this shot just before we started playing and handed it to me.

I was surprised I still had it in my box of small treasures from the past.


Lessons I Learned From Woody’s Mood

Woody had a song, and a self-promoted album he would sell after each performance entitled Woody’s Mood.

This was a song about never giving up on your dreams. He played and sang the song, even though he wasn’t a great singer, you had to listen to it because of the words.

I would give you the lyrics, however, this is another item I lost during the many moves me and Beverly Jean made during our marriage. Storing and keeping trinkets and treasures like this are not something we have ever been into. We like to keep our lives as simple as possible.

Our memories, however, are something we cherish and hang onto.

Woody had a boat and he loved to go deep sea fishing off the Florida coast. I like to fish too, so we had a chance to go out fishing together during our time playing at a Hotel on Singer Island near Palm Beach.

This gave us time to get to know each other better and gave me an opportunity to learn some great lessons from Woody’s many moods.

He was rarely quite. Woody loved to talk and do things others were unable to do. If he was fishing, he wanted to catch the biggest fish… if he was playing the Organ, he wanted to set himself up as the most outlandish and most unforgettable character anyone would ever get to see and hear.

I asked him about this one day on one of our fishing trips.

I must have caught him at a good time because he became very serious (a rare mood for Woody). He spent some time explaining why he did the things he did and how he felt about winning and losing.

The first thing I learned about him was his unbelievable belief in himself. To him, losing was never, ever an option.

He told me that he taught himself at an early age to condition his mind for total success and when a thought of even a small possibility of something not coming to fruition for him crept into his mind, he would immediately go into action on what he wanted to do or to become.

Always moving forward on an idea he had without hesitation was a must for him.

Taking action, such as going into debt for a Hammond Organ with two (not one, but two) Leslie Speakers and having the finish switched to all black with his name Boldly painted on the front of the Organ in solid Gold Letters, even before he knew how to play it, was the kind of action he was talking about.

He said he saw himself as one of the most successful organists and comedian’s in the world even before he could play.

Woody’s Mood was one of success, not a failure.

He said you cannot allow anyone, including your own mind to stop you from hitting your target and reaching your goals for success.

Moving forward on what your mind comes up with was the all-important ingredient to Woody’s amazing success. He said unless your mind is full of stupid ideas that could harm you or someone you care about, it has the ability to take you places you’ve always wanted to go if you would just take action and go for it.

He told me when he went to the music store where he purchased his Hammond Organ and asked them if they could refinish his B3 (or new someone who could) in black with Gold Letters, he said he thought the guy was going to have a heart attack.

He told Woody that would almost be sacrilegious. What do you suppose Woody did?

Woody said – never mind, I’ll do it myself – and he did just that. He stripped the finish, sanding it down in his garage and painted it black, then he had a sign shop put big Gold Letters with his name on the front of it.

That was Woody’s Mood and he went on to become one of the most popular B3 Hammond Organ players and comedian’s this country has ever seen or heard. Woody is no longer with us and I miss him. What I miss most is his unshakable winning attitude and of course, our fishing trips.


When I decided I wanted to be a writer, I thought of Woody’s Mood.

I started writing when I was just a young boy. I always enjoyed sitting under a tree or on the wood pile, leaning against the wall behind our garage in Michigan jotting down my thoughts in my notebook.

I never really took myself seriously, about writing until Woody’s Mood changed the way I began to think.

Suddenly, one day after Woody’s talk about how he turned himself into a musician and one of the highest paid club entertainers to boot, I became a writer in my mind, then I took action on this dream.

I did not care what anyone thought about my abilities as a writer – that didn’t matter anymore. Yes, I did take a home study course on writing eventually and it helped, however – it was Woody’s Mood that turned me into a published author and now I an eBook writer and an online blogger, website owner/builder.

At first, I saw everyone (or so it seemed) that was writing books creating hard or soft cover books and getting them published and printed for sales to book stores.

I new how expensive and time-consuming that could be, so I did some research on eBooks and decided this was the way to go for me.

I took the time to locate what I consider to be the ultimate authority on eBooks.

A man by the name of Mark Coker and his online eBook publishing and sales company called “Smashwords” entered my life a few years ago and I have been telling others about Mark and his company ever since.

His free eBooks and training on how to write and publish your own eBooks are very detailed and informative.

Mark also offers some excellent in-house and outside resources that can help with cover design, grammar and proper eBook set up editing and framing for all forms of online devices.

Look for our review on Mark Coker and Smashwords coming soon.


In Conclusion

During the time it took you to read through this post, hundreds, perhaps thousands of new people from all over the globe came online to either search or buy what they are looking for.

The numbers of online visits continue to grow each and every day. The opportunity for you to grab a piece of the action has never been greater and will only get better as time goes by.

Many bloggers continue to earn more and more money as they create new posts, pages and links to their own websites or others that pay them a handsome affiliate marketing commission.

I want to thank you for stopping by and taking time to learn more about the greatest new business opportunity in our lifetime.

I hope that Woody’s story helped give you a little kick in the pants, helping you to get off your butt and make this your greatest year ever.

If you enjoyed this message or found it to be helpful, please leave a comment.

For your better future!

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author / Serial Entrepreneur

















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