The Sky’s the Limit


The sky is the limit for those who have a burning desire to succeed and are willing to take the time to learn how to build an online business of their own!

By Dallas McCalister

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“Writing is my passion. I have always wanted to turn it into a business that could sustain our lifestyle and provide the kind of income we could always count on. ” Dallas McCalister

For many years, I did OK as a direct mail copywriter and small business owner.  However, that suddenly went downhill as the Internet began its march toward becoming a faster, safer, more convenient way of acquiring all kinds of goods and services.

I’m not saying that direct mail is not an important part of the marketing world. It still is an important, viable way to reach the consumer, however, the speed, cost-effectiveness – and convenience of doing business online have made a huge difference in how we do business today.

The writing was on the wall (no pun intended) – – the Internet, Blogging, Surfing the Web and Social Media were quickly taking over the minds and hearts of millions worldwide.

It was time for me to get up to speed and move my business online.

When I purchased my first computer I am not sure if email was even available.  It was a Commodore 64 – also known as the C64 (N1) or CBM 64.  It was an 8-Bit home computer that was introduced in January 1982.

Today we can sit down with a laptop, a tablet, or even our smartphone and do some pretty amazing work online.

The number of people online back then, and any business being done – was relatively small.

Today, the number of people online is actually in the BILLIONS and growing – business is booming online!

If the prospect of making a full time living “online” and gaining the freedom of living and working from anywhere in the world you choose has ever crossed your mind, then this might be your lucky day!

People from all walks of life recognize the power and speed of this technology.

They are starting to embrace the phenomenal digital economy.  No matter what your education or background might be, this has become a real game-changer.

People from all walks of life, both young and old alike are finding this to be a life-changing experience.

Not to mention the fact that many are becoming very wealthy.

Perhaps this could be your way of creating a better life for you and your family.

You might be living on a “fixed” income, just getting out of school, or building a career, raising a family or anything in between.

Your decision to create your own online business with a “residual income” is a very wise and sensible thing to do, especially today.  The world is changing and we need to change with it.

Are You Looking for a Legitimate Way to Earn Money Without Taking on a part-time J.O.B. or Investing a Large Sum of Money to Start a Brick & Mortar Business?

If so, I want to invite you to take a serious look at “going online” with your own piece of the future.

It all starts with you’re own Website.  This will give you, your own piece of Internet Real Estate.

Early on, building a Website and creating a profitable online business was no easy task.

However, …

I am living proof that it can be done!

What I’m about to show you doesn’t involve a large investment, it doesn’t require any special skills or experience on your part and YOU get to do this as fast or as slow as you wish.

All it really takes is a strong desire to break free of the chains of mediocrity that control so many of us.

Over 850,000 Members Can’t Be Wrong!

At last count, this is the number of people, ordinary people like you and me that have joined this extraordinary program at  – – created and maintained for more than ten years by people who care about your success – and mine.


“I never thought I could start my own online business, create my own Website, become a successful Blogger, especially at my age.  But I did.  I also wrote, created and published my first eBook which is now available to people “around the globe” at many of the prestigious online Book Seller sites such as Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and more!”                                                                                                    -Dallas McCalister


Did it take me some time to do this?

Did I have to go through some training?

You bet I did…  and yes, it is well worth it!

With the help of Kyle, Carson, Jay and the great community of more than 850,000 WA members around the world – it has been fun and very rewarding.

Notice I did not say it was easy.

It was simple, and as long as I stuck to the plan these brilliant young men laid out for us, even I could do this!

And who could ever complain about the low cost of FREE or… if you choose all the tools and training available at the PREMIUM Membership level its just $49 a month (a little over a buck and a half a day – even less if you purchase the annual membership).

Don’t forget this includes ALL the tools you need, a FREE WordPress Website, hosting, live weekly Webinars with Jay and – oh yeah, you become an affiliate so you get to earn while you learn!


It All Starts With Your Own Website …

Think of it as Internet Real Estate.

A Website of you’re own is just like owning real estate. It continues to go up in value the longer its around.

And, using affiliate marketing income strategies we’ll be teaching you, you could begin to enjoy a lifestyle others merely dream of.

Many Online Business Owners Sell their Websites for Huge Profits Once they Have Established a Sizable Visitor Count. 

No, I have no plans of selling my Affiliate Income Magic Website.

This is way too much fun and the income just continues to grow the more I work at it, and the longer our Website is online.

Unlimited Possibilities …

Talk about “The Sky’s the Limit” – this is really amazing!

You can create a Website or Blog with products or services of you’re choosing.  You can build a site that sells other people’s products and get paid an “affiliate income commission” every time someone visits your site and makes a purchase!

Wow, just think about this.

There are literally a BA-ZILLION different products and services with thousands and thousands of vendors like as an example, that are looking for people to tell others about their products.

It is endless and so is the marketplace.

Here is an example of just one of the great products we recommend from Amazon.  Add this to your Library and refer to it often as you create your Passive Online income.

Passive Income: Easy Online Business Working Part-time making Full-time Money $100 to $100,000 a month by Peter Flynn gets 4.5 out of 5 Stars from Affiliate Income Magic. 

Peter writes from “personal experience” which we really appreciate.

You can hear an audio sample of Peter’s book before you place your order.  Just click on the audio button below the Book’s picture on the Amazon site you will be directed to above.

Peter does a great job of explaining how to make a tremendous income as a Blogger… check it out and grab a copy now.


Not only is the sky the limit to great residual, ongoing passive income potential, this is the mother load of all marketing opportunities.

The numbers are staggering.

When we were in the direct mail business, if we could mail to say, 40,000 people (at a great cost for printing, lists, fulfillment etc.) – and everything from the product or service we were selling, to the Headline and copy, was just right, we could earn a fairly decent profit.

If all those variables did not click – we could lose money.

Not many people can afford postage for 40,000 mailings – even at 3rd class or bulk mail rates.

You better have everything right or you could lose a significant chunk of change.

As an online business owner, we now have a chance to talk to literally millions of people from around the world.  There are numerous ways to reach these folks online making this an almost “perfect” way to earn a living.

Yes, the sky or the “cloud” is the limit today, thanks to this amazing technological breakthrough called the Internet.

While Money May or May Not be Able to Buy Happiness, It Sure Can Make Unhappiness Easier to Live With!

In the beginning, all I wanted to do was create some eBooks that would allow me to share my thoughts, ideas, and feelings about the topic I was passionate about.

We all have our own personal passions.

The Internet is full of astounding products, services and interesting people who present their niche’s in a wide variety of ways.

When I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate platform the possibilities for my eBook business and earning an affiliate income finally became a reality.

I had no idea there were so many ways to skin a cat, to coin a phrase.

There is a never-ending amount of niche’s you can choose from with countless ways to reach the audience(s) that will be thrilled to hear from you.

Yes, the sky truly is the limit with an online business that you can build with the help of the folks at Wealthy Affiliate.

But I’m Not a Good Writer …

Me neither. Surprised to hear me say that, especially AFTER telling you about my copywriting background?

The truth is we all have something to say, and we should say (or write about it) – but we’re not all great writers.

We should have a place, or a platform… that allows us to tell our story, share our thoughts and express our feelings.

Not being a good writer should never hold you back from writing.

Learning how to be a better writer is something we can all do.

The first step is to “write”. Write something every day and soon, you become a good writer.

At WA (Wealthy Affiliate) we have a tool that can help turn you into a better writer. It’s your own private editor, so to speak. It’s called Site Content – the Ultimate Writing Platform.

When you get ready to add some content, such as a Post, or a Page to your site or blog, you go to you’re WA Site Rubix where all your site building tools are located.

You then go to Site Content and create you’re Post or Page. Write to your heart’s content… have some fun!

Then, when you are done writing, you simply click on the ABC editor button where this incredible tool will automatically perform about 120 different “editing tasks” for you such as grammar, spelling and much, much more!

This tool alone could be several hundred dollars a month, it is that valuable, but Wealthy Affiliate includes it at no additional cost when you become a PREMIUM member.

To me, this is the bargain of a lifetime. Here’s why…

As a business owner during the 1990s, we produced a monthly magazine. We had seven writers who contributed to our magazine, I was just one of them.

My job was to write an article and opening remarks for each edition of our magazine. The best news has we had a great editor that we paid each month to help make us look good. He did a tremendous job.

He was a real professional who knew how to make sure our spelling, grammar, and message were clean, clear and professional. I always received compliments on my articles, not because I was a great writer, but because of Frank, our editor extraordinaire.

Today, we have Site Content – our computer editor.

But I Don’t Have Enough Time …

When I made the decision to build an online business, I was putting in 50 hours a week with my company and was creating my first eBook.  My goal was to write eBooks and sell them through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all the other online book-sellers.

I did not have time to build my own Website – let alone “learn how”… or so I thought.

I really didn’t have a life actually.  At least not a life I wanted.  I had to find a way to

Yes, today the sky is the limit, thanks to some great technological advancements and a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

To learn more be sure to head on over to our Wealthy Affiliate review and then get started on your new online career!


For your better future!

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author/Serial Entrepreneur


4 Comments on “The Sky’s the Limit”

  1. You have made some very good points here. I am not a great writer and have to work at it every day. Your tips are going to help me a lot.

    I Work hard every day to get something written that is worth ready. Sometimes I have to start over, but I keep pushing forward. Writing is a great way to make money online.

    1. Hi Eden ~ Thanks for your comment and for taking time to “open your heart”… this is where it all begins.  Find a time of day that feels best for you to write, mine is early morning.  I am sharp mentally and have no distractions so I can get in an hour or two.  I do this at least 4-5 days a week… we all need a break.  If you create a routine similar to this you will get better and better at writing.

      All the best!


  2. Hi DMcCalister,

    Wow. The old Commodore 64. I still remember back in those days. To be honest, they were one of the best computers back then. I love them.

    As for your review on WA. I love WA. I have joined WA as a free member and within 3 days, I decided to upgrade to Premium member. It is money well spent. The support Kyle & Carson provided are top notch.

    Highly recommended.


    1. Thanks Jack – appreciate your comments… yup the good ole days have flew by.  Premium members have so much to be thankful for!


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