Scam Alert – Includes Videos

Internet Scam Alert – Top Scams for 2017 and 2018 …  Look for Updates Here as We Continue to Review and Report Scams to Avoid. 

by Dallas McCalister

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An Easy Way to Avoid Getting Hustled 

As you can see in the video above, scam artists are so bold they’ll even use one of the most feared government agencies on the planet to hustle you out money.

This is a scam that is STILL being used on unsuspecting citizens.

Top Five Internet Scams for 2018

So here’s one of the easiest ways to avoid getting hustled by these scammers.

Always check to see if the offer / complaint / source etc., is real.  

This may sound logical and of course, it is, however – most scam artists recognize – and take advantage of these two powerful human emotions:

  1. Fear
  2. Greed

They understand that if they can reach enough people with their bogus offer a certain percentage will either be so afraid or so greedy that they won’t take the time to check any further to see if what they have been confronted with is real or legit.

Even Big Companies Get Hustled …

What Else Can I Do to Avoid Being Hustled?

Is staying away from the Internet or not talking to anyone the answer?

We could all become hermits and stay home with our curtains closed, but is that any way to live?

Heck no.

It also seems unfair that large companies like Western Union have to pay such a huge price for what scam artists are capable of doing to all of us.

One of our favorite sources for online scams is Ioana Rijnetu – Cyber Security Evangelist.  To “dig deep” into this subject, be sure to visit Ioana’s Website.

Cyber Security Evangelist
To get to her Website, simply click on her name next to her photo above.   Ioana has some mind-jarring information you must see to believe!
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For your better future!

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author.Serial Entrepreneur

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2 Comments on “Scam Alert – Includes Videos”

  1. Hi Dallas, thanks for all of your great information. I was happy to see that Western Union finally has to pay for not taking care of there customers.
    Seeing how I take care of a lot of my finances online, am I more at risk for being targeted by these scammers?
    Are there certain websites that I should avoid?

    1. Thanks Micah for dropping by.  Yes, there are others to avoid, however, the best way to do this would be to always, always, check to see what kind of information is available on anything you are looking at – especially online.  I don’t think you are more at risk for taking care of finances online, in fact – many experts in this field say that you are actually “more secure” online.

      Come back often, we’ll be posting more information on scams to avoid.

      For your better future!

      Dallas McCalister

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