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Dallas Here With More Great News! 

In this section of our Website, I’ll be giving you an opportunity to take advantage of an ever-expanding list of products, services, helpful training and support programs that I use personally.

These offers will help you save money on many goods and services plus earn some great “extra” income should you decide to become an affiliate and promote them within your Blog or Website.

The following products/services help us:
  • Build our online business 
  • Save money and …
  • Create extra cash flow as an affiliate

Three Easy Steps to Success

You may be asking yourself how affiliate marketing works and how it can help you earn affiliate commissions.

Take a look at these three simple steps.

STEP ONE:  You simply join or sign up as an affiliate for the program, company or seller who is offering to pay you a commission or offer savings for telling others about their product or service.

In other words, YOU become an affiliate for that product or service provider.

STEP TWO:  You begin to promote the product or service of the merchant or seller you are an affiliate for on YOUR website, blog, email campaigns, social media outlets etc. so that your audience is exposed to the seller(s) products or services.

(This is NOT to be confused with network marketing – which we explain in other posts)

STEP THREE:  You Get Paid!  Hey, we like this step the best – and we’re sure you will too.  Earnings can and will vary with each vendor you become an affiliate for.

Sounds easy, right?

It actually is, however, there are a few things you must do before you get rolling.

You should have a website, blog or an email list that can provide you with a way of promoting the products and services you use and or will be receiving affiliate commissions from.

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If you want to know if there is any real money as an affiliate marketer, be sure to read Michelle’s story of how she went from $0 to $50,000 a month in affiliate income!

Savings Recommendations:
  •  Save money when you travel.  Shell has a terrific Fuel Rewards (c) Program that will save you 5 cents a gallon every day on every fill-up.  Other great “perks” available as a Gold Status Fuel Rewards Member are savings on travel-related products.  You’ll also receive additional savings with their “refer a friend” plan.  When they become Gold  Status members, they will save 5 cents/gal on every fill, and you will earn 25 cents/gal for every one you refer.  After just 6 fill-ups, we received notice that we’re now getting 10 cents a gallon off!  This is a great way to offset common gas price increases!  Get started saving today.  Here’s our affiliate link:  Get My Fuel Rewards                                                                                                                                                                     4.5 Stars  
  • Save money and receive huge tax breaks as an affiliate or network marketer.  Our friend and favorite CPA, Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D. is one of the leading experts on tax savings for home business entrepreneurs like you and me.  Ron is the best selling author of Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy and is a highly sought-after speaker on this topic.  To receive Ron’s book or to get his e-newsletter,  please go here:   > Ron has also put together a list of the 53 new tax changes we should all be aware of.  A $20 value, Ron is willing to give this to you as a FREE gift… 

>>  To receive Ron’s 53 Tax changes go here.  <<

                   5 Stars 

Affiliate Income Recommendations:  

NOTE:   Here are some of the tools I personally use and highly recommend.

  • Build a FREE WordPress website. Learn from some of the best online business strategists and teachers on the net.  You can get started at no cost.  Read our review# One Choice for complete, comprehensive training (start for free) as well as one of the highest paying Affiliate programs online.  Please use our affiliate link:  Wealthy Affiliate  

                  5 Stars


A Must Read – “Affiliate Marketing” by Noah Gray and Michael Fox – one of the fastest ways to start earning money with your blog or website.  This will show you one of the least expensive ways to build your online income.

I want to recommend a great read that will help you understand Internet Marketing and making money as an affiliate.  This is one of my favorites!

This book will help you launch your six-figure online career with Clickbank products, Amazon’s Associate program and some of the top affiliate income programs.

Noah Gray and Michael Fox are living the dream and have teamed up to create this second edition of their popular book that can help you get the most from your affiliate marketing career.

You’ll learn what mistakes to avoid, how to choose a niche, building traffic for your site, the top affiliate programs to promote and so much more.  You will want to refer to this little gem over and over again as you launch and build your online career.

Grab your copy now!

          4.5 Stars  

Bluehost is a preferred service for many of the top income earners in the blogging and website marketing industry.  We give Bluehost a 5 out of 5 Stars in our hosting and support services category, so you cannot go wrong with choosing Bluehost for all your website hosting.

Bluehost also has an exceptional affiliate program should you wish to pick up some extra money by sharing this 5 Star service with your visitors and readers.  Click on the banner below to get started:

     5 Stars   


When it Comes to Saving Your Work – Nothing Beats IDrive!

92% of best-in-class companies store their remote office backup data in a secure off-site location, company headquarters or at a managed service/online backup service provider to ensure their data can be recovered when needed. (Source: September 2007 Aberdeen Benchmark Report)

Not only is IDrive one of the best cloud backup services available today, it also offers an exceptional affiliate income plan that can help you earn additional revenue you need to keep your online business moving forward.

Setting aside the income potential – YOU need to protect the work you create and IDrive is a service we would not be without.   Be sure to take time to review the information located on the IDrive website today.

Get started for FREE or take advantage of the 25% discount you’ll receive when you join through our affiliate link.    

IDrive Online Backup – in a nutshell …
  • 24/7 no-cost tech support, via chat, phone or email, 24/7 365 days a year!
  • Windows or Mac capability
  • Easy subscription plans for business users
  • Unlimited scalability
  • World class data centers with third-party network infrastructure audits
  • Scheduled and automated backups
  • You are always notified of completed successful operations
  • The USA and outside USA support phone lines can be reached …
  • Monday through Friday 6 am to 6 pm PST
  • Simple, no-brainer backups

5 Stars


Stay tuned for more great recommendations.

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For your better future!

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author/Serial Entrepreneur

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2 Comments on “Recommendations”

  1. Hi Dallas!
    Thank you for putting all this work into your page and website. I’m in the Affiliate Marketing game as well and use Amazon Associates a great deal as I have a Christmas all year round blog, and Amazon has TONS of fantastic Christmas products for great prices.

    Writing reviews can be tough and even a bit monotonous at times, but I still love Affiliate Marketing because I get to make money writing about what I love most. 🙂

    What affiliate programs do you use and recommend? I’m always in search for new AM Programs that pay decently.

    1. Hello Darcy – thanks for taking time to comment.  I have been building my “Recommendations Page” where I include the affiliate programs I use and recommend.  You can take a look and if you sign up for our eNews letter we’ll keep you up to speed on everything we find that can help you with your business.

      All the best!


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