Our #1 Choice – The Pro’s and Con’s, Will it Work for You?

Are You Still Struggling to Make Money Online? If So, This Review on On Our #1 Choice Will Help!

By Dallas McCalister


Let’s take a look at Our #1 Choice for anyone looking to become a successful online business owner… what it offers its members and how it stacks up to our Affiliate Income Magic rating system.

by Dallas McCalister

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Our #1 Choice – The Pro’s and Con’s, Will it Work for You? – we’ll give you our take on this popular online business training community called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate, also known as WA has been a leader in the online training community for more than ten years.  Over this time WA has helped over 1 million entrepreneurs, making it one of the most popular training and affiliate income sites on the Internet.

Our goal with our review is to be as thorough and unbiased as possible.  

Given the fact that this is hands down Our #1 Choice for learning how to become a successful online business owner we have taken a hard-line approach to this review and the information it provides for your benefit.

Our reason for digging deeper than usual will become apparent as we present the facts on this “cost effective” training and support system and how it could work for you.

This information is designed to help you make an informed decision on “whether” or not this is your best choice to begin (or further) your career as an online marketing business owner.

Whether you are new to online or affiliate marketing or – you have been at it for a while and would like to improve your skills or earnings … Wealthy Affiliate may be just what you’ve been looking for!

After going over our review please leave your comments or questions below. We would enjoy hearing what you think – and how we might improve this review for others.

We’ll do all we can to help you have an enjoyable and prosperous experience as you begin your journey to becoming a profitable online business owner and perhaps, a very Wealthy Affiliate.


Affiliate Income Magic Ratings System Explained: 

> 5 Stars – Our highest rating. Meets or exceeds our strictest standards.  Exceptional, go for it.

> 4 Stars – Meets nearly all of our requirements. Excellent.

> 3 Stars – Average rating. Shows potential. Good.

> 2 Stars – Below average. Needs improvement.

1 Star – Our lowest rating. Has some potential. Proceed with caution.


WA Quick Overview With Ratings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate – WA

Time in Business: Over ten years

Owner(s) / Founder(s):Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Live Weekly Training Webinars: Jay Neill

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: 4.9 out of 5.0 Stars  (Excellent  with constant upgrades)

Support: 5 out of 5 Stars  (Spot on)

WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0 Stars (Excellent choice, constant upgrades)

Research Tools: 4.5 out of 5 Stars (Excellent, constant upgrades)

Success Stories: 5 out of 5.0 Stars  (Hard to find anyone that is not satisfied)

Price: Starter Member (FREE) Click here to get started 

Premium Membership ($49/Month or $359 year): 5 out of 5 Stars  (Very affordable – over-delivers)

Affiliate Income Potential: 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars (results will vary from person to person, the potential  for good income above average)

= = > Affiliate Income Magic Overall Ratings: 5.0 Stars < = =

About Wealthy Affiliate (WA) …

A Quick Look at How You Will Be Creating Success With WA

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community of like-minded people from around the globe who all want the same thing we were looking for – a way to build a successful, profitable online business with excellent tools, help, and support when we need it.”

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is different from all other online training sites and affiliate income programs.

Take a look at some of our findings:

The Greatest Difference for Me & Many Others Who Join Is This:

“I could become a member of Wealthy Affiliate at no cost, without putting up my credit card, and I could “test drive” the coaching, training, tools, along with the community support team – (all of this), as a Starter member for as long as I wanted. This gave me an opportunity to experience how well the teachers and people within this community could help me reach my goals as an online business owner.”      – Dallas McCalister

  • Just two positions available, Starter and Premium Membership (This keeps it simple and allows you to start at no cost)
  • A community of members who are available to you at all times (This either takes real courage to allow you to communicate with its members – or these guys are the best at what they do with people who are succeeding)
  • Over one million served with 850,000 + members (Numbers don’t lie, so it’s safe to say that Wealthy Affiliate gets high marks for what it can do for anyone looking to become successful online)

I appreciate the fact that there are just two positions available within WA. You can get started as a FREE member and become a Premium member whenever you are ready.

This takes the pressure off and places it squarely on the shoulders of the company and its abilities to perform “as claimed”.  This is one of the reasons we call this Our #1 Choice for Online Training.


Pure and simple, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a real opportunity to create your own high-quality Website(s) with step-by-step HOW TO training and coaching that you can count on to create revenue, get higher rankings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing – plus earn affiliate income as you learn.

WordPress is arguably the easiest to use Website and Blog creation tool – plus content management system available.  Since 2003, WordPress has steadily become the best value in its field.

Another reason why we feel Wealthy Affiliate offers you great stability and long-term success as an online business and Website owner.

Premium membership is extremely affordable compared to what we’ve seen in this industry.  At the low monthly of just $49 or an annual fee of just $359 (which lowers the rate to less than $30) – everyone wins!



Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most profitable affiliate marketing programs available online.  A great way for you to earn an unlimited affiliate income while learning how to become a successful online business owner.

  • You Earn $23.50 Monthly Recurring affiliate income on Premium members, once YOU become a Premium member.
  • You Earn $175 Yearly Recurring affiliate income when they pay the annual fee.  So it pays to become a Premium in more ways than one. 



Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter. (WA allows everyone an opportunity to choose their level of commitment without the high costs that are so common within this industry)

Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 per month and $87.50 yearly commissions. (This adds up quickly. Earning a solid five-figure monthly income with the WA affiliate program is just one of the many reasons we have selected WA as our #1 choice for online training and wealth building.) 

In our overview of Wealthy Affiliate below, you’ll see the actual costs which, in my opinion, is not only affordable, it’s an incredible bargain!

NOTE:  WA has not raised their prices for over 12 years.  (This says a lot about the owners’ commitment to what they do and how they feel about their members)

“My personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been very profitable and extremely satisfying”.                                                                                                                                                                                  – Dallas McCalister                         

From the day I started, yes I enrolled at the free starter level, then quickly moved up to the Premium membership 30 days after experiencing what Wealthy Affiliate could actually do for me.

I was also very impressed with Kyle (one of the owner/trainers) who allows you to look over his shoulder as he builds a Website in the Affiliate Boot Camp …

… Another Great WA Membership Perk. 

This made it super easy for me, a total novice, to follow along, then take all the time I needed to complete each task after Kyle’s lessons.


> For those who believe they cannot write or spell very well, WA’s Content Editor makes it easy for you to look like a pro!

The low monthly fee as a Premium member includes this handy tool along with hosting for your WordPress Website(s).  Another incredible bargain!

WA could easily charge up to $250 or $350 per month for just these two perks alone, making this an even greater bargain for anyone looking for a way to carve out a great living online.

I honestly believe that virtually anyone can create a successful online business with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate team and its friendly online community.

Just jump in, get started and follow in the footsteps of some of the most experienced, successful online entrepreneur’s available anywhere.

Prior to finding Wealthy Affiliate, I spent a lot of money and countless hours looking at many of the online Hustler’s E-Books, Webinars and training courses.

I would describe the majority of the Website building/hosting, and online training courses within this industry as “Ala-Cart” programs.

What I mean by this is, you have to pay for step one, then pay again for the next step and so on.

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, offers everything you need under one roof, with one low monthly fee, which can be easily covered (and then some) once you begin to refer others to this excellent program.

Since joining and following Kyle, Carson and Jay’s training series, and his live weekly Webinars – I have been able to do what I was beginning to think would never happen…

“I have become an online marketing business owner with skills and abilities I previously thought only computer science graduates and Internet marketing experts were able to acquire.”

I am also well on my way to living the life I have always dreamed of.  More on this may be found in our About Me and Make Money Blogging pages within this site.

“Be sure to take time to look around, and come back often as we continue to add great new posts and tips that can help you create a lifestyle others only dream of.”


Jay Neill conducts live hands-on training Webinars every Friday. His live sessions are recorded and replays are made available within your Wealthy Affiliate back office – just in case, you are unable to attend each live event.  

Jay’s Webinars are fun to watch and full of real-time examples. He also includes a Q & A session at the conclusion of each training.   You’ll look forward to seeing Jay every week, as I do because he never fails to bring a fresh new way for you to succeed.



My goal as an online business owner is to work at home for a few hours in the morning, 3-4 days a week, then spend the rest of the time with family, friends & hobbies.

Thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay and the WA community I now have a new lease on life and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

It all starts with the help you’ll be receiving from successful, experienced leaders who actually live and breathe this business day in and day out.

No false promises, no hype, and no outrageous prices.

Just great coaching, honest support and real-life examples that show you how to get traffic, build a profitable Website, get ranked with Google, Yahoo and Bing and all that goes with being a successful, highly profitable online business owner…

This is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about!

Most programs you find today can have one cost to get you started, another cost for the next course that shows you how to get to the next level, then another cost for hosting fees and the list goes on and on.

The “Ala-Cart” programs I mentioned in this report can cost you valuable time and money.  In my opinion, these are not your best options.



WA is great at keeping it real, making it simple and easy, and giving you a great deal more than you are paying for… all under one low-cost roof.  In other words, it’s a great fit for the average person looking for the help they need to become successful online business owners!

What You’ll Learn as a Wealthy Affiliate Member

The steps to building a successful online business are very simple. Making money online is easy too, once you know the secrets you’ll learn from Wealthy Affiliate.

WA will help you focus on these four steps to making money online:
  1. Choose an Interest (With 3.75 billion people online today, no matter what niche you choose will be appealing to lots of other people)
  2. Build a Website (If this sounds like a daunting task, fear not, Kyle will show you how YOU can actually build a website in less than 30 seconds… not that you’ll want to go that fast, but with the WA tools and massive amount of website templates to choose from, you’re going to love building websites)
  3. Attract Visitors (With 3.75 billion people online, as mentioned above – and with social media, email marketing and so on, this too becomes very exciting once you know the secrets you’ll learn at WA).
  4. Earn Revenue (I thought you’d like this part too… knowing the secrets to turn your website into a revenue-producing magnet can be very exciting)
Here’s What Wealthy Affiliate has done for me that you simply cannot put a price on… And why we recommend it so enthusiastically.

I’ve met some interesting people from around the world in the WA online community.  Every time I have a question or need some advice – or want someone to review my work, they come to my rescue!

All I have to do is ask – Bingo, there they are.

With thousands of affiliates, WA makes it easy to get the help you need when you need it.

It’s also great to know that there is no such thing at WA as a “dumb question”.

It’s all because the WA owners have created something so special that people actually WANT to jump in and help you.

They Have Gone One Step Further:

WA actually rewards – and recognizes it’s members for helping others within the community.  A very intelligent move on their part, when you think about it.

They also include a great incentive for affiliates who excel at referring new affiliates to WA.

An annual, all expense paid trip to Las Vegas where you get to meet and rub elbows with the owners and top affiliates within the company.

They treat you like a King or Queen at this event, making it well worth shooting for.  Membership with WA, especially as a Premium member is not only a tremendous bargain, it comes with some very exciting perks as well.

You have a choice.  The truth is you have a LOT of choices when it comes to where to go for advice, mentoring, coaching and learning how to become a successful online business owner.

In my humble opinion, if you choose to go it alone or choose one of the online “Hustler’s” courses to follow, you could lose a great deal of time and money.

I know – that’s what I did for a long time. Then I met Kyle, Carson, Jay and the WA community.

You may be in great financial shape and could care less about spending money with many of the training programs online today, however, from our viewpoint here at the most valuable asset you have is your TIME.

Wealthy Affiliate can save you a tremendous amount of time and give you the tools and answers you need all under one roof, for one low price.  The training secrets you’ll learn can be turned into a lot of extra revenue faster and easier than jumping all over the Internet learning email marketing from one source, Website building and hosting from another source and so on.  

Or … you can get it all from one convenient, low cost, highly profitable place such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

WA is for anyone who wants to take back control of their life… at any age, anywhere on the planet.

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

The Internet has created a new “digital” economy.  You can see it through all the companies who want you to do business with them via their Website these days.

All the Banks, Department Stores, even Wal-Mart would prefer you to do business with them ONLINE.  After all, it saves time, money and is actually a much easier way to shop.

Amazon has set a new standard in the way we buy products.

You can even do it in your underwear according to the “Banks Come Crawling to Me” TV commercial.  I’m sure you’ve seen that one, right?

So who is Wealthy Affiliate for?
  • If you want to work at home, part-time and need more money WA is for you.
  • If you work full-time and still need more income, WA is for you.
  • If you’re retired and would like to supplement your retirement income, WA is for you.
Wealthy Affiliate is Perfect For:
  • Students
  • Retired people
  • Stay at home Moms or Dads,
  • Anyone who wants a new, exciting way to live and earn a great income
What Kind of Money Can You Make?  How is it Made?

WA affiliates are not known for bragging about the kind of money they earn online, however, incomes range from a few hundred dollars a day to 7 figures a year.

It won’t happen overnight, but you can build an online business income that suits your needs or desire.  WA can help you learn the skills through the training and tools you need to make it all happen, without costing you an arm and a leg.

I saw where one of the WA affiliates earned nearly $8,000.00 in his 2nd month.

This is not typical, but it does give you an idea of what’s possible.

“There are Bloggers in this industry earning 6 and even 7 figures per month. Some of the top Bloggers in the world are making more per month than their doctors earn in a year.”

Will this happen to you? Anything is possible but you have to know what to do, how to do it, and you must have the tools to make it happen.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you with the how-to and the tools. You have to supply the desire, stick-ability, and action to make it come together for you.

The potential to make a great living online has never been greater.

Here is just one of the many ways you can make money online.  It’s called… Affiliate Marketing.

Plain and simple, this is YOU referring or recommending a product, company, service or program such as Wealthy Affiliate (as an example) to people who visit your Website, Blog, Email, or Social Media sites.

There are currently over 100,000 affiliate programs you can join (at no cost). The possibilities and income potential are virtually “unlimited”.

You recommend products and services to others and get paid a commission instantly when they make a purchase.

Let’s take a look at just one of these affiliate programs. You may have heard of it… Amazon!

Amazon has more than 488 million products and will pay YOU from 6% to 10% for referring someone to them.

A single referral could lead you to earn $1,000’s in commissions.

I love the fact that while I’m learning from Wealthy Affiliate, I also have the ability as a Premium member, to earn nearly 50% commission on my personal referrals.  Many of which are sent to this site – by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You can also produce your own products, such as E-Books, (my favorite) your own training courses and Webinars.  The possibilities are unlimited and the number of people online every day make this “the place to be”.

Remember – even if you have zero skills, no products of your own and no desire to do any training at all, as an affiliate marketer for WA and the many thousands of other products and services your income potential is virtually unlimited.

The number of potential products you can promote is 598,500,000 – and counting!

One blogger, we’re familiar with creating an E-Book that showed people how she turned her small email list into a fortune online.

Inside her downloadable E-Book, she placed “links” to other products and programs she was an affiliate for, such as A-Weber, WordPress, Amazon as an example helping her earn even more affiliate commissions.

Her E-Book simply explained what she had learned about Email marketing (WA teaches you all this and more).  It also tells her readers which products and services she uses and “recommends”.



Bottom line… She makes money hand over fist with this simple and easy way to create wealth with your own Email list, Blog or Website.
Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Pros vs the Con’s:
  • Video training and impressive live weekly webinars
  • 13 + interactive classrooms
  • 1,000’s of community members ready to help
  • Free state-of-the-art hosting
  • All levels of training
  • 2 free websites with over 1,000 more for Premium members
  • $0 membership, yup… FREE!
  • Access to industry experts
  • Annual Las Vegas extravaganza available to all members who refer others
  • Spam-free environment
  • Automatic online back-up for your Website(s)
  • We are hard-pressed to find any cons, however, you could get overloaded with information if you are not focused on the lessons and tasks given as you are walked through all the steps necessary to become profitable.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training, coaching, and tools are designed to help and enhance “all levels” of individuals looking to succeed as an online business owner.

From beginning online owners to more advanced, successful entrepreneurs, Wealthy Affiliate can help improve your online business skills as well as your bottom line.

==> Click Here for More Details and to Get Started Now!

For your better future!

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author/Serial Entrepreneur






12 Comments on “Our #1 Choice – The Pro’s and Con’s, Will it Work for You?”

  1. Great website, I love it. This is a real go getter site, with people like you and me and everyone else looking for a real online business. There is so much nonsense online and bogus sites that reel you in for money or free that doesn’t come through for you. This is no lie people, this program is the best ever. I am proven result of it. Real websites, real training, real people to help you along the way. Great job!!

    1. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comments and – kind remarks.  Yes, we have the best training and support on the net, for sure.  All the best to you … Let’s go fishing!


  2. Great review about wealthy affiliate. Being a member myself, I can testify that everything you said is true.

    The training is amazing, the cost to join is less than a dollar a day, and there’s thousands of people in the community to help you out at any given time.

    I really love wealthy affiliate, and highly urge anyone wanting to start an online business to give them a shot.

  3. I’m a Welathy Affiliate member myself, and couldn’t agree more about what you said about the program. It’s really one of the only programs that I’ve found online that truly cares about helping people and are very service oriented. I was a student when I first heard about it, but didn’t get into it until I graduated. So I do regret a bit that I didn’t start earlier – had I done so, my income level would have been much greater for sure. I mean it’s something even college students can afford, so definitely encourage everyone to give it a shot.

    1. Hi Parmi,

      Thank you for telling about your experience with WA – really appreciate it, all the best to you!


  4. Hey Dallas;

    This is an awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. I was lucky in that when I started looking for the best place to build my online business, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate pretty early in the process. It wasn’t until after I was in the community I realized just how fortunate I was to have found this source of support and training so early. I heard the stories of so many who had lost a bundle before they found this community. After a short time I realized that I had been very fortunate indeed.

    With reviews like this, people can be as lucky as I was and see the great benefits without wasting money on other programs with far less value.

    You’re a star to share this! Stella 🙂

    1. Hi Stella,

      Thanks for stopping by and letting us know your experience with WA.  Yes, I was one who spent a lot of time and money looking for something this good too!

      All the best to you!


  5. Hi Dallas,

    Being a member of WA, I  think this review is spot on.  I  never even heard of Affiliate Marketing, nor did I have any online experience.  WA taught me everything I needed to create a website and monetize it.  You hit on all the benefits.  The most impressive for me are the owners, the site support, and the community.  The owners are involved.  Every day I feel their presence.  The platform is constantly being updated at no additional cost to us.  Site support response time is almost immediate.  The community offers help unselfishly and often.  As you stated, the cost is minimal and the program over delivers.  

    Great and honest review,


    1. Thank you Debbie for such a great comment on this terrific support/training system.  Really appreciate you stopping by!

      All the best,


  6. Hi Dallas, W

    Thank’s for this informative and review article on Wealthy Affiliate! I can attest that WA are aimed at  helping individual whether your a beginner or a novice type of student, to attain success on your online business. 

    Being part of Wealthy Affiliate, It help me open my mind to the endless possibilities that online business could offer.


    1. Thank you Glenda – sure helps to hear from someone else on this great program.  Wishing you great success!


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