Keywords – Myth or Magic?

By Dallas McCalister

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When I began my online business and decided to become the World’s highest paid blogger (LOL)  I spent a lot of time looking for the right “Guru” (slang for hustler) that could show me the ropes and teach me how to build an awesome online business.

I told you about this adventure in About Dallas (check it out if you missed it).  It gives you all the details on how much money and time I lost searching for the right training and support program/system that could help me become the World’s best blogger (yuk, yuk!)

Well, to be fair- some of the hustlers I paid did help me, however, the real bonanza was when I found Wealthy Affiliate and their FREE training course.

That is when the real magic all began for me!


As I began my great online adventure with WA, I discovered many valuable tools and tricks of the trade that I would need to become a successful blogger and Website owner.

One of the truly amazing and powerful tools they have is called Jaaxy.

Yeah, I know, what the heck is Jaaxy?

I’ll get into all this as we move into my excellent review on Jaaxy, but first I want to let you in a few secrets I learned that you are going to want to latch onto.

Secret # 1

There are NO secrets, if … you are willing to dig deep and spend time learning from the top producers within this industry.

So secret # 1 is to learn all you can from people that know how to make this business work and are willing to share all their secrets with you!

Yup, that’s it – now you know secret # 1.  Aren’t you glad you stopped by?  

All kidding aside.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned on my journey to building a successful online business was that there really are some strategies and tools that are a secret until you pay close attention to what these top producers are telling you.

Secret # 2

Now, why are you telling me about secret # 2 right after you said there are no secrets?

If this is a question you may be asking, please read Secret #1 again.  You will get where I’m coming from on this.

You have to dig deep to become successful.

If you don’t, you will not get to the level of success you’re after.

So onto Secret # 2: 

You have to understand the importance of “good content” and how simple this can be once you have taken the time to learn from the people at the top of this industry.

This review is not about content, as important as it is, it is about secret # 3.

I’ll be giving you more information on how to create great content in another post, but first… let’s take a look at secret # 3


Secret # 3 – Keywords – Myth or Magic?

Yup, this is what this post/review is all about.  Keywords and whether or not this is just a myth or is it pure magic?

First of all, let’s take a closer look at keywords.



To begin with, we need to know a little about SEO’s or Search Engine Optimization.

We all know about Google, Yahoo, and Bing – plus some others such as DuckDuckGo.  They are search engines and they help us locate products, services, authors, and the list goes on and on.

You go to Google – as an example, insert a name or title of what you are searching for and like magic, a page full of information on your topic pops up that includes some information along with links to a website that’s all about the topic you inserted in the Google, Yahoo or Bing subject line.

I use Google, Yahoo, Bing here because they are the top three search engines.  Most of us are familiar with them.

If you are a blogger or a website owner who wished to drive traffic to your blog or site, you need to use Keywords or Keyword phrases within the SEOs in order to match up the Internet users to the results you want them to receive.

Keywords are single words that the search engine will automatically match up several online users to whatever product, service or topic you want them to see.

A Keyword phrase is more than one word (a sentence, as an example) that will match the query they are after.

An example of this would be:  You put a Keyword into a headline of one of your articles or blog posts or you create a keyword phrase for your post and it is picked up by the search engines and you receive a ranking by the SEO’s, which means your blog post is one of the many pages within the SEO’s.

Your goal is to rank high enough to get into the first page of the SEO, the ultimate placement being # 1 on page one of the might search engine(s).

How do you get the job done when it comes to SEOs and keywords?

That is what we will be discussing next.


Better Keyword Research Gets You Better Results $$$


A blog or website that is loaded with great keywords and keyword phrases will do much better at atrracting the right kind of visitors than one without them… it is that simple.

The right kind of visitors to your blog or website is going to produce more sales and more followers for your newsletter and posts than sending a multitude of random visitors that are usually acquired by PPC (pay per click) and/or other types of paid visits.

Sure, if you have the cash flow it doesn’t hurt to include some PPC and online advertising strategies to the mix, but knowing how to use keywords and great phrases are such a tremendous advantage that you should do all you can to learn how this works.

Another word you need to understand is “niche”.  You have no doubt heard this term, so I won’t insult your intelligence with a long drawn out explanation of it.

Your blog and website will cover or market what your chosen niche is all about.

My niche is all about earning money as an affiliate marketer, staying away from the scams and hustlers and helping others to become successful online business owners.

Your niche could be about travel, or hunting, fishing, health-related products and so on.

I’m sure you get the picture.

So now you have an idea of what kind of “niche” you are blogging about and your website is geared for, so it’s time to learn how to use keywords and keyword phrases within your blog and website to attract the right kind of visitors.

These will actually be your “niche KEYWORDS”.

No worries, I will be sending you to my excellent review on what we consider to be the World’s best Keyword search tool ever.

If you are well versed on keywords, keyword phrases and want to bypass my excellent post/review on this topic and my superior review on the world’s greatest keyword tool – in other words, you want to jump right on over to this great tool, then go here:


Are Keywords Just a Myth?

The short answer is NO, of course not!

Keywords and keyword phrases are so important that, should you decide NOT to learn how to use them and NOT to use the best possible keyword tool to zero in on the keyword(s) that will drive the best traffic to your site or blog, and allow you to do fast, easy and simple keyword “research” – you are destined to fail with SEO organic traffic.

I know, that’s a strong statement, but when it comes to SEO’s it is absolutely true!


Finding the Best Keywords

Step # 1:  Make sure you have settled on your niche (You will get help with this as a WA member)

Step # 2:  Use the best Keyword Research Tool you can find (Use Jaaxy, see below)

Step # 3:  Ensure your keyword and keyword phrases are in-line with your niche (See how Jaaxy can do this for you below)

Also called “search queries” keywords are what your potential visitors enter into the search engine’s subject lines, therefore it is important that your keyword and keyword phrases define your niche and content as well as possible.


My Jaaxy Review – Pure Magic!


By Dallas McCalister

Jaaxy Enterprise ReviewYou are going to love Jaaxy.  It can transform your online business dramatically as it streamlines and super charges your keyword research for your niche.

It could also put some great extra cash in your pocket with its highly successful affiliate program … more on this below.

Many keyword search methods and systems, up until now, have been a waste of time, in our opinion.  Oh sure, you get some results, however, the time you spend doesn’t always get you the kind of results you need … until now!

Many bloggers have used a manual process which can be time-consuming and less efficient.  Most keyword tools on the market today provide you with completely useless data and numbers that are difficult at best to figure out.

Getting at the “useful data” is where Jaaxy rises above all other keyword search tools.  Most are very low-grade systems that charge a lot for what you are “not” getting.


What You Don’t Need

  • Tools that do not pull results from all search engines
  • Tools that use Alexa for determining competition
  • Tools that require several searches to accomplish a single task
  • Tools that you have to install
  • Tools that only provide PPC guestimate

Here is What You Do Need and The Top Three Things Jaaxy  Enterprise Delivers …

  • How much competition the keyword actually has
  • How much traffic the keyword gets and …
  • Does the keyword make sense

Until now, there has never been a keyword tool that can accurately capture and efficiently gather keywords that have such low competition and are SEO ready.  (Jaaxy saves you tons of time with this)

If you create content or videos relevant to your niche, you can explode your business and literally overtake your competition.

Lack of keyword knowledge is no longer a challenge.

When you have access to a tool like Jaaxy, you will be able to create successful campaigns that can blow away your competitors.  It matters not which niche you have chosen, Jaaxy can quickly and easily compile a great number of keywords that can help you build a winning campaign for your niche.

In a recent test, we were able to come up with over 20 keywords that could easily rank with Google within less than 30 seconds.

This was all done with one very broad search.


NOTE:  You Can Earn Revenue by Referring Others to Jaaxy.  In addition to being one of the best Keyword tools available, Jaaxy includes a great affiliate commission plan…  take a look here!


3 Great Jaaxy Plans Designed to Suit Your Needs and Your Budget

We have only scratched the surface here.  

Jaaxy is one of the most powerful, easy to use research platforms now being chosen by the most successful entrepreneurs in the World.

Not only is Jaaxy one of the most powerful, comprehensive keyword research platforms, it is one of the easiest to hook up with.


You have three great choices with Jaaxy, all designed to fit your needs and your budget.

NOTEJaaxy also includes one of the highest paying affiliate commission plans in this field available for its members.  As mentioned, our review and information on Jaaxy here merely scratches the surface, so please visit our Jaaxy site for all the details and select your plan today. 

Whether you are just starting out and are new to the blogging/online business community or are someone who fully understands the need and power of keyword research, (a power player) Jaaxy is the right tool for you.

Jaaxy Starter Plan – FREE

Jaaxy Pro Plan – &19; per month, or save with the yearly fee of just $199

Jaaxy Enterprise Plan – $49 (this week only) $69 per month / annual plan just $499

>> Choose the Jaaxy plan that suits your needs here <<


NOTE: Jaaxy is “web-based” so you can access it from anywhere you have a connection, including your phone.

Get started today.

Try it for FREE and see why the World’s top online business owners and bloggers all use Jaaxy!

For more great tools, tips and ideas for your online business success, be sure to sign up for our free updates in our Contact Us page.

For your better future!

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author/Serial Entrepreneur















10 Comments on “Keywords – Myth or Magic?”

  1. This is a timely post for me, because I’ve noticed a lot of the free keyword tools offered online starting to die out a little bit. I’ve tried my best to use this keyword element of SEO for my new-ish blog but I’m yet to see any great results, I think I am targeting the wrong phrases. 

    I notice that you mention competition for keywords in the article – that’s a function I’ve never encountered before. Could you possibly tell me more about this, and how Jaaxy uses it to dig out more effective results?

    I’d like to find out what I can about the tool before taking things any further. 

    Cheers in advance,


  2. Awesome article. I’ve been using Jaaxy for my site content for about a month now, and this is exactly right. Finding the right set of keywords to get your content on the first page in the search results is very important for your business, and this tool is a great help with that. 

  3. Your first line that says secret 1:  there are no secrets is the bonanza for WA and that is why I am a member there as well.

    I am still figuring out Jaaxy.  I’m sure I do well but when you enter key words it is largely up to you to choose from a list and dig deeper if you want.  I need to be a little more confident using it I suppose.

    1. Hi Stew,

      You are right about WA being the bonanza for members.  Jaaxy does take some time to learn how to use all the tools, but is well worth it.  I am still finding new ways to use this great tool.  

      Just keep using it and your confidence and efficiency will grow.  Thanks for your comments!


  4. Hi Dallas!As a fellow blogger and “serial entrepreneur” myself I found myself laughing along with you on all the “secrets.” Like you said, it takes digging in, and a lot of work to become successful online. As important as the content is (and oh yes it’s important) it’s just as important to have the right keywords in your post. I’ve been using Jaaxy now for almost a year and it’s totally awesome! I can oftentimes take a completely saturated topic and flip a few words around using jaaxy’s suggestions and get the most amazing and top ranked topic ever! Great review and two thumbs up for jaaxy!

  5. Hi Dallas, thanks for this great review about Jaaxy, but you actually left me out LOL. You didn’t mention anything about the Jaaxy Lite plan, and that’s the one I use. Did I miss it in your post?

    I agree with you on the fact that you have to dig deep to become successful. There is really no secret to it. Work hard, consistency, patience, it will be a journey that requires passion to keep you going.

    I definitely love Jaaxy, with all the ready-made long tail keywords provided by their Alphabet Soup, it makes blogging really enjoyable. You just copy and paste and build content. I’ve really become a confident blogger ever since I started my journey with Wealthy Affiliate, as I was given access to their Jaaxy Lite free of charge. And the best thing? Unlimited Keyword searches. This tool really rocks.

    Thanks for pointing out these great attributes. If anyone has not yet started using Jaaxy, it’s high time they grab their 30 free keyword searches and start trying things out. They will love it.

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