by Dallas McCalister

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This is just one of the many stories of how an ordinary person went from zero to mega-success as an online entrepreneur.

Her name is Michelle Schroeder, a young online business owner who started blogging as a way to make a few extra bucks to help pay off her student loan.

Michelle began blogging about how people could save money with strategies she was using.  This is a real Cinderella story that we became interested in following.

Michelle and her husband live the life of a successful blogger which (in our opinion) helps make her 300,000 + monthly visitors want to continue to follow her.

After a few short years, Michelle began earning over $50,000 per month with her site.  She has recorded all her earnings in a regular monthly report within her site and has earned as high as $250,000 in one month!

About 50% of her monthly income is coming from, you guessed it… affiliate marketing!  

One of the other great ways to earn money as a blogger, she discovered, was offering training courses that others had created.

This got my attention.

Michelle also discovered that she could make a great deal more by creating her own affiliate marketing online course she could offer her growing list of readers.

Her course that teaches just about everything you would want to know about affiliate marketing has earned her an extra $600,000 + over the past year!

Not bad for a 24-year-old who started blogging as a way to possibly earn a few hundred extra dollars a month.

We say … Good for Michelle.

We have followed her career for over a year now and she continues to become more and more popular and more successful with her blog as time goes on.  That’s another key to success online.

The longer your site is up and the more content you add to it (we’ll give you some FREE advice on how to do this in our eNews Letter) the more your blog or site will bring in for you.

Michelle is just one example of the many successful bloggers in this industry.

At the time of this writing, it is our understanding that Michelle is now offering her own affiliate marketing commission program that is designed to help her sell even more of her online courses.

We plan to take a closer look at how her program works to see if it may be something we at Affiliate Income Magic would be interested in offering to our readers.

Naturally, we will order and go through her training course before we recommend it.

Be sure to visit our site often and check out our Recommendations page for updates on this and many more recommendations that could help you become a wealthy affiliate too.


I love to write and so I decided to specialize in eBooks.  I wrote my first eBook a while back and as soon as it was completed, I discovered something weird about all this …

In order for me to get people to buy my eBookI NEEDED TO PROMOTE IT!

There it was, on  and,  52 Vacations a Year! by Dallas McCalister (Hows that for a bold self-promotion?) at just $3.99  for this great new eBook, you would think sales would be pouring in, but NO… not at all, not without advertising and promoting it.

So what did I do? 

I took an online course on how to create sales for my eBooks.

What did I learn?

Number one, I found out you really need to build a website, start a Blog, use an email promotion or place ads with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Build a website… start a Blog?

Made sense to me, however, I did not know how to build a website or create my own Blog.

This is where my journey to becoming an online business owner began.

It was costly and time-consuming.  The truth is, it didn’t really need to be that way.

I went through a lot of online guru’s and hustlers before discovering one of the best places to learn how to do all this stuff.

The greatest news for me was that not only was I in a good position to learn how to build my own website and all the other great marketing strategies necessary to become successful – – what I discovered also offered me two other incredible opportunities.


Number One – I could try it before spending any money.  And I could go to the training classes, and build a FREE website (two in fact) and stay at the free level as long as I wanted or needed to.

Number Two – I could share this amazing program with others and get paid as an affiliate, making all my ongoing training, free websites, tools and a community of like-minded people there to help me not only free but financially rewarding as well!

This is why our first affiliate income resource we want you to examine and take full advantage of is the Wealthy Affiliate or WA program.

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There is Too Much Opportunity Online …  A Must Read Post by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate.

This business is loaded with opportunity for anyone looking for a way to improve their life and income.

Without spending time explaining why this post could change the way you think and feel about an online business of your own, or why you should consider expanding your current online business, head on over to Kyle’s post for all the exciting detail.


For your better future!

Dallas McCalister

Affiliate Income Magic

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