How to Make Money Online


By Dallas McCalister


Have you ever thought about creating an online business but you’ve been having trouble finding the right opportunity or finding the time to get started?

If you said yes then the information I’m about to give you here could help.   Be sure to read this entire message, I believe you will be very glad you did.

I remember talking to a very wealthy friend of mine many years ago about becoming successful.  He had amassed a fortune through real estate and other business ventures he started.

At this time, he was retired and was enjoying the life he created for himself and his family.  I wanted to know if he could give me any tips or “secrets” that could help me reach my financial goals in life.

He very graciously invited me to have lunch with him so I jumped at the offer.

We ordered our meals and started to talk about everything in general from the weather in Michigan (where we were living at the time) to politics.

I didn’t want to appear rude, but I had to get to my question before lunch was over and we were on our way out the door.

If not, I wouldn’t learn anything that day.  So, I blurted out; “Leroy, do you mind if I interrupt you with a question?”

He looked at me with a big ole smile and said:

“I thought you’d never get to it. Why did you let me ramble on for the last 30 minutes? Time is money son!”

Wow – talk about one of those embarrassing moments in life.  That sure was one of mine.

After all, I did ask him for some tips or secrets he could share with me and he did invite me to lunch to talk about it, right?

Well, he was teaching me a valuable lesson here.  He wanted to see if I would let him ramble on or get right to my questions.

It was simple.  Leroy was a man of “action”.  He was also a good teacher.

He wanted me to “take action”.  He wanted to see if I had the gumption to interrupt him from all the small talk and get down to business.

Well, I failed that first test.

Thank goodness he forgave me though and said;  OK, here’s the secrets you wanted to hear.  Are ya ready?”

You bet, I said, I’m all ears.  He went on:

“Most people fail to get where they want to go because they don’t know where they want to go in the first place – and then, they never leave home.  They also allow other people or their own negative thoughts to stop them before they even get started.  I write down exactly what I want to do when I want to get it done and go all out after it.  I don’t let anyone change my mind and I don’t stop until I arrive at the destination I set for myself”

Pretty simple I thought, but you know when I looked at it more carefully (I did take notes) – I realized he said a lot in that short statement.


Breaking down what Leroy said:
  • Decide what you want to do or how much you want to earn
  • Write down exactly what you want, where you want to go and when you plan to get there
  • Take immediate action
  • Do not allow other people to stop you or influence you in any way
  • Do not quit until you arrive at the goal you set for yourself

The reason most people fail to make their dreams come true isn’t that they are too old, too young, not smart enough or skilled in one area or another…

It’s because they block their own success with preconceived notions and negative thoughts that stop them dead in their tracks.

I took Leroy’s advice seriously.  I read those words over and over and sat down and wrote out what I wanted to do and what I wanted to have in life – and when I planned on getting there.  (I highly recommend this step for you as well)

Then I took action.

I made a lot of mistakes.  However, I stopped procrastinating and tried things I never thought I could do.  Like this Blog, as an example, and this “post” you are reading.

As you read this I want you to know that I thought only “other” people could do this, not me.  I thought I would have to hire someone to create a website or a Blog for me.  I also thought it was cost prohibitive.

It took me years to even look into any kind of program that could teach me how to do what it takes to create my own website and to get it viewed by people around the world, but here it is, for all to see.

If I can do this, so can you!  Making money online is an amazing way to live.

As an example, I spend time in the morning on my online business, writing, answering email and comments I receive from people about my Blog Posts etc.

Then I do whatever I want the rest of the time.  Imagine how much fun you have with this business, putting in two to three hours in the morning, then taking off the rest of the day to enjoy life!


  “You can live wherever you want, earn as much as you want with your online business and – – have the time & money to get your life working the way you want it to work!”


     Think about it …

There is no business in the world like this: 

  • No boss to put up with.  
  • No commute or traffic to deal with.  
  • It’s just you and your laptop.  
  • Your audience is in the billions of people online and  …
  • When you share great programs, products, and services with other people online – –

I really enjoy helping other people so this becomes a tremendous outlet and a sort of therapy for me.

It can be about anything you want it to be.  The possibilities are unlimited.

We’ve moved into a “digital” economy  – and we’re still at the beginning of it.

More and more people around the world are going online to learn, to make purchases, and to build new careers.  If you own a company, no matter what size it is, you need a Web presence.

Just when you hear about a new online business that breaks all kinds of sales records or an individual develops a Blog that generates six or seven figures per month  – someone else comes along with a brand new way of making money online.


The possibilities are totally unlimited …

So take my friend Leroy’s advice and get started on your better future right away.

Spend some time going through our site.  Then, join me on this great adventure and let’s have some fun!

NOTE:  Come back often because we continue to update and add new, valuable information designed to help you become even more successful.

I know when I started looking for a way to earn money online and for someone who could teach me what to do, show me what tools I needed and offered the kind of support that could help me become successful (without picking my pocket or making promises that were impossible to keep) – –

I wished I would have found a site like this!  Oh, sure there were some, but most of them were just trying to hustle me.

Real support and honest-to-goodness help were not anywhere to be found.

I had no way of cutting through the hype and fancy video messages that seemed to make so much sense when you start looking – and talk about information overload, man… the Internet is overflowing with it!

All those so-called “I’ll help you get rich” hustler sites and programs almost drove me away from the Internet.

It seemed all I did was waste my time and slow my progress of creating a great life for me and my family.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

I want to help you see that there truly is a way to learn how to make a great income online and learn from some of the industry’s best teachers “without spending a lot of money” or losing valuable time getting where you want to go.

This is why this site was created.  Will it be easy, and will you start to make money today?  I can’t answer that because we’re all different.  The fact is, you could and some will, but the truth is MOST people will have to work at this and it will take some time.

If you are looking for a way to make it happen for you and your family, you are in the right place.  Give this a shot, you have nothing to lose and a tremendous amount to gain.

Thanks for stopping by!

Please take a minute or two to leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you.

For your better future!

Dallas McCalister