A Word of Caution from Dallas

A Word of Caution from Dallas …

My goal is to help you avoid being hustled – and to give you some clear direction on how to make money in the new digital world of online marketing.

A lot of people get sucked into paying exorbitant prices for online training, Internet Marketing “how-to” programs, and so-called systems “they say”  will show you how to make money online when you order their training course, or attend their webinar etc.

I consider myself highly qualified in this area because I confess to being one of the many people online who spent countless hours and lots of money with some of these “hustlers”.

So I thought I should be warning you about these professional online “hustlers” and...

Offer some REAL solutions that allow you to:
  • Learn from the best in the industry and get started at NO cost.
  • Build your own WordPress Website(s) with Step-by-step instructions.
  • Receive help & support from a community that genuinely cares about your success.
  • Get paid highest possible affiliate commissions while you learn how to build your business.
  • Build an online business you can be proud of that includes – multiple income streams (Unlimited ways to be paid).

As an author and serial entrepreneur for over four decades, I consider my reputation as one of my greatest assets.  THEREFORE …  If I recommend a product or service to my readers IT HAS TO BE GOOD. PERIOD!

By the same token, if I suggest you avoid a product, service or “HUSTLER” – I better have a good reason to do so and… YOU should do your due diligence before YOU get hustled too.

In other words, proceed with caution should you decide to go ahead with any online marketing offer or opportunity that is NOT recommended by Affiliate Income Magic. 

Return often for special scam alerts and affiliate income updates that can help you make money without being hustled.

Wishing you great online success,

Dallas McCalister

eBook Author, Serial Entrepreneur



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Dallas McCalister loves to write. He cares about his readers even more. He wants to help people improve their personal, financial and spiritual lives. He also loves to write because it satisfies a great need inside him. He began writing at the age of thirteen, shortly after the death of his father who was, and still is - his hero. Writing helped him get through this traumatic childhood experience. It triggered a love affair for telling stories and creating articles that could be helpful to people who might be hurting too. He also loves music. An accomplished musician, he played the drums in and around Detroit during the iconic Motown era. This is how he earned a living for over twenty years. It is also where he met and fell in love with his wife, Beverly Jean. Now, a retired father of three, grandfather of what he calls a small town, Dallas enjoys teaching adult Sunday school, playing in the church band… and writing. McCalister has been a successful small business owner, marketing consultant and public speaker. Dan Kennedy, successful author, business philosopher and public speaker (famous for his “No B.S.” book series), included a chapter about him in one of his best sellers, “How to Make Millions with Your Ideas”. These days Dallas gets to do what he enjoys most. Spending quality time with Beverly and their two dogs, writing sales copy, how to manuals for the home business industry, and inspirational books. He believes EBooks’ are the future for burgeoning authors and book readers alike. We hope you receive great joy and value from this story and message by EBook author Dallas McCalister. Be sure to look for more great works coming soon from Dallas as he does what he loves best… He loves to write. More importantly, he loves to write for you.

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